Corporate Profile

Company Name AKIBA Holdings Co., Ltd.
Established February 17,1983
Headquarters Yoko Tsukiji Building,2-1-17 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Representative Masami Baba,President and Representative Director
Share Capital 700,000,000 yen
Fiscal Year End March
Business Profile As a holding company, formulating and promoting group-wide corporate strategy, auditing group management, and other management administration and operations incidental thereto.
Employees 196 (on a consolidated basis, as of March 31, 2022)
Affiliated Companies Subject
to Consolidated Financial Statements
6 consolidated subsidiaries
Stock Information Stock Exchange :Tokyo stock Exchange Standard (Securities code 6840)

Total Authorized Shares:27,328,000 shares

Number of Shares issued:9,192,560 shares

Shares per Unit:100 shares
Members of the Board President and Representative Director:Masami Baba

Executive Vice President and Representative Director:Reiichiro Hori

Director:Ei Igarashi

Director:Risa Tomiyama

Director:Noriyasu Goto

Outside Director:Ichiro Maruyama

Outside Director:Tokuyoshi Kurobe

Outside Director:Sho Gotoda

Corporate Auditor:Jojiro Naito

Outside Corporate Auditor:Keiji Ishimoto

Outside Corporate Auditor:Shiro Nishida

Outside Corporate Auditor:Hideyuki Nakagawa

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